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Dynamo Radio Flashlight – No Batteries Needed


The Emergency Zone 4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight is a reliable tool for use in any emergency situation. This flashlight includes 3 LED lights for maximum visibility and does not require batteries – it is rechargeable with just 1 minute of cranking! It also includes an AM/FM radio, USB charger, and panic alarm to keep you informed and help you get assistance if needed. With its bright yellow exterior, you can easily locate your flashlight in the dark and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

This Emergency Zone 4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight is an essential tool for safety and survival in any emergency situation. It features a powerful LED flashlight with two light settings – high and low, and can be recharged simply by cranking the handle. Plus, it has an AM/FM radio, a USB port charger, and a panic alarm to help you get assistance when needed. Its bright yellow exterior ensures that you can easily find it in the dark. The USB adapter is included, but the phone adapter is not. And its small size means it’s easy to carry with you at all times. Get critical updates in an emergency, or charge your devices on the go – the possibilities are endless with this Emergency Zone 4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight.

  • Flashlight: Switch between high (3 LEDs) and low (1 LED) to use power only when you need it; Crank to recharge – 1 min of cranking (1.5 rotations/minute) give you 1.5 hrs on low and 30 mins on high; Bright yellow exterior helps you find your flashlight easier in the dark
  • AM/FM Radio: Get critical updates in an emergency with the built-in AM/FM radio; Adjust the volume for perfect volume; Headphone jack available for plugging in earphones and headphones; Siren function for getting help in an emergency; Telescopic antenna for better signal reception
  • Charger: Charge your devices via USB; USB adapter included; Phone adapter NOT included
  • Panic Alarm: Panic function for getting help in an emergency
  • Technical Specs: SKU: 5104; UPC: 850253006409; Weight: 13.3 oz