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Stealth Tactical Bug-Out Bag – 2 Person | No Masks or Stethoscope


The Emergency Zone Tactical Stealth Bug Out Bag is the perfect choice for those times when you need to be prepared without drawing attention. With its discreet design, waterproof covering and adjustable chest & waist straps, you know your survival kit is safely and comfortably stored, leaving only you aware of its contents. The bag comes with a variety of food and water, a two-person ultralight dome tent, hygiene and first aid items, and a wide range of survival gear to help you in any situation. You can trust that the Tactical Stealth Bug Out Bag has everything you need to stay safe and secure.

The Emergency Zone Tactical Stealth Bug Out Bag is the perfect way to keep your vital supplies safe and secure while also blending in with a crowd. This specially designed 53L bag boasts a built-in waterproof covering, hydration bladder, chest and waist straps for easy carrying, and even a built-in flint striker buckle. It comes fully stocked with emergency rations, water, a two-person tent, first aid kit, hygiene and sanitation products, survival gear, light and communication devices, and much more — all designed to help you in any urban or crowded setting. The Stealth Tactical Backpack is lightweight, compact and discreet, allowing you to be prepared without drawing attention.

  • Discreet: designed to not look flashy or even tactical, allowing you to blend in the crowd
  • Food & Water: US Coast Guard approved, 5-year shelf life, space-efficient, great tasting and calorie dense food ration bars & 12x 4.2 oz Water Pouch
  • Ultralight Dome Tent: 2-person portable shelter that comes with a convenient carrying case; folded dimensions are 22”x5”x3”, footprint is 74”x47” and height is 42”
  • Organization: 2x Nylon Bags, 1x Discreet Tactical Backpack, 1x Weatherproof Poly Bag
  • Hygiene & Sanitation: 2x Toothbrushes, 1x Toothpaste, 1x Comb, 1x Razor, 1x Shaving Cream, 4x Shampoo, 1x Soap Bar, 2x Feminine Pads, 1x Washcloth, 1x Small Sewing Kit, 1x Biohazard Bag, 1x Roll of 10 Toilet Liners, 1x Roll of Toilet Paper
  • First Aid: 1x 175 Piece First Aid Kit
  • Survival Gear: 1x Multitool Pliers, 1x Folding Saw, 1x 5-in-1 Whistle, 1x Roll of Duct Tape, 1x Work Gloves, 1x Playing Cards, 1x 5mm Rope, 1x Compass, 1x GI Can Opener, 1x Self Defense Key chain, 1x Survival Knife, 1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook, 1x Pencil
  • Light & Communication: 1x Dynamo Radio Flashlight (No Batteries Needed), 1x 9 LED Compact Flashlight (AAA Batteries Included), 2x Lightsticks
  • Technical Specifications: SKU: 862-2, UPC: 850253006270, Weight: 28 lbs, Backpack Dimensions: 21″x14″x11″