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Fold Flat Aluminum Stove with StableHeat With 2-Wick Fuel Cells


This Fold Flat Aluminum Stove is the perfect choice for your backpacking and emergency needs. It provides a stable cooking surface while being light and compact, perfect to fit into smaller spaces. The four StableHeat Fuel Cells provide up to 16 hours of reliable heat, ideal for dehydrated or freeze dried food storage. Additionally, it’s clean burning diethylene glycol allows you to cook both indoors and outdoors safely – giving you peace of mind in an emergency. With easy assembly, lighting, and extinguishing, this stove can be a great addition to your preparedness. Be sure to use only in well ventilated area on heat-resistant surface and never near flammable objects. Keep out of reach of children and for adult use only.

The Fold Flat Aluminum Stove is a light, compact stove that fits easily into your backpack or emergency kit. It offers a stable cooking surface for larger pots and up to 16 hours of reliable cooking heat with four StableHeat Fuel Cells. Whether you have freeze dried or dehydrated food storage, this set can help you get prepared in the event of an emergency. The stove utilizes a clean burning diethylene glycol fuel to allow you to cook both indoors and outdoors, while its compact size makes it easy to transport and store. With just one fuel cell, you can enjoy up to four hours of cooking time. Assemble the stove by placing the StableHeat Fuel Cell inside and lighting the wicks with a match or lighter. Be sure to use the stove on a heat-resistant surface and in a well ventilated area away from flammable objects. After use, remember the stove will be hot and place it on a cookie sheet when using indoors. Do not inhale the fuel and keep out of reach of children. Adult use only.

  • Burns up to 4 hours per fuel cell
  • Clean burning diethylene glycol
  • Outdoor & Indoor use (in a well ventilated area on heat-resistant surface)
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  • UPC: 857842002736
  • Weight: 2.83