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4 Person Stainless Steel Cooking Set


Introducing the Emergency Zone 4 Person Stainless Steel Cooking Set! This set is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, or any kind of outdoor adventure. All pieces are stored inside a stainless steel pot which is lightweight, efficient, and compact – ideal for cooking freeze dried food or other hot meals. The set includes plates, bowls, utensils and a measuring cup. Plus, it’s easy to clean, and each piece is designed to last. Get ready to enjoy your next outdoor adventure with the Emergency Zone 4 Person Stainless Steel Cooking Set!


This 4 Person Stainless Steel Cooking Set from Emergency Zone is perfect for those who want an efficient and compact way to prepare meals while camping, hiking or sheltering in place. Made with a backpacker’s needs in mind, the set includes a pot, lid, four plates, four bowls, four folding spoons, four forks, four knives and a measuring cup – all contained within the stainless steel pot. Thanks to its thin material, the pot conducts heat quickly, allowing you to cook Legacy Food Storage and other freeze dried meals with ease. Plus, it holds up to 11.5 cups of water, making it ideal for preparing hot meals. The utensils are foldable, helping you save on space, while the pieces are light-weight and easy to clean. Enjoy the convenience and portability of this versatile cooking set for your outdoor adventures!

  • Kit Weight: 2lbs 3oz
  • Kit Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pot Weight: 8.2oz
  • Pot Diameter: 6.75″
  • Pot Diameter with Handles: 8.75″
  • Pot Depth: 5.25″
  • Pot Capacity: approx. 11.5 cups
  • Plate Weight: 1.4oz
  • Plate Diameter: 5.75″
  • Plate Depth: 0.75″
  • Plate Capacity: approx. 1 Cup
  • Bowl Weight: 1.8oz
  • Bowl Diameter: 5.75″
  • Bowl Depth: 1.75″
  • Bowl Capacity: approx. 2 Cup
  • Cup Weight: 1.5oz
  • Cup Diameter: 2.8″
  • Cup Diameter with Handles: 3.75″
  • Cup Depth: 2.5″
  • Cup Capacity: approx. 1 Cup
  • Folding Utensils Weight: 9.7oz
  • Single Knife Weight: 0.8oz
  • Single Spoon Weight: 1oz
  • Single Fork Weight: 0.7oz
  • Folded Utensils Length: 3.5″
  • Expanded Utensils Length: 5.75″ (Knife is 6″)